The story of Beyond the Veil

The new music video Beyond the Veil is a beautiful prove that Lindsey hasn’t stopped improving her creations and furthermore, she still knows how to surprise us.

Everyone, who saw the Beyond the Veil video, took notice of lot of symbolic scenes and tableaus. Lindsey herself revealed that the new album Shatter me is going to be globally symbolic, full of her inner feelings and experiences of life.

Starting with the name Beyond the Veil, it prompts an experience beyond borders of profane world. "Veil of mind" commonly refers to our own consciousness, which obstructs us from seeing ourselves and the outer world in the way it really is. Anyway, it’s quite similar to proverb "For lots of trees, he can’t see the forest."

Beyond the Veil - voda

At the very beginning, Lindsey wakes up on the beach near the ocean seeing her inner Self. Inner child, representing divine entity inside of every human.

Beyond the Veil - Les

The forest represents consciousness and the water stands for unconsciousness. These are the ancient archetype symbols. Forest is considered as a symbol of human’s mind in old fairy tales.

Beyond the Veil - jing-jang

Lindsey wears black-white dress in the forest, symbolising duality of soul. Love and hate, happiness and sadness, inner fight and the dance of life…

Beyond the Veil - tvář a trosky

She dives into deep unconsciousness finding inner Self.

Beyond the Veil - truhla

She finds a chest full of treasures of her soul. Crucifix symbolises faith, coins psychical fortune and jewellery fairness.

Beyond the Veil - zrcadlo

Then she comes to the mirror, symbolising own self-concept. She sees her inner Self showing her the way.

Beyond the Veil - sochy

She goes through the gate of two statues, a man and a woman sculptures. This ancient symbol means masculine and feminine sides of the Creator, God and Goddess. This gate separates this dual world and the world of unification, without contrasts. Sometimes these sculptures are replaced by two pillars (Joachym and Boaz). However, this choice of sculptures is more appropriate for the video.

Beyond the Veil - Podání ruky

Lindsey finds her inner Self and holds its hand, symbolising unification, atonement and acceptance.

Beyond the Veil - Cesta ke Stvořiteli

The clear white light of recognition appears, opening the gate to Space. The path straight to the Creator through awareness of her own place in Creation.

Beyond the Veil - Obrazce v písku

In the end, she WAKES UP and sees drawn space motives in sand (planets, stars, comets and galaxies). It’s a reminder – this wasn’t only a dream. Pictures drawn into sand symbolize transiency of physical recording, but eternity of content, ideas, Message…

What do you think of it?

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